Professional career
University, degree  

University of Economics, Budapest, Faculty of Pedagogy  - Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences, Budapest, Faculty of Chemistry
Diploma in Economics, Chemistry and Pedagogy

Highschool for Financial and Accounting Sciences, Budapest
Diploma in Accounting

National University of Civil Service, Faculty of Defence Electronics, Informatics and Communication, Bolyai János Military Technology PhD-School,
PhD summa cum laude

Zsigmond Király High School, ZSKF, Budapest 
Lecturer (2006 - )
Subjects: General Accounting, Introduction to the Accountancy, Controlling Accounting, Taxation, Taxation of Companies

Economic Highschool of Budapest Lecturer (2008 - 2009)
Subject: Technical Analysis of Products and Processes
GDF (Gábor Dénes College), Budapest 
Associate Lecturer (2003 - 2009)
Subject: General Accounting (Executive Tutor, responsible for quality control of learning materials and methods; developer of e-learning materials in ILIAS LCMS structure)

College of Budapest Corvinus University 
Lecturer (2003 - 2008)
Subjects: Controlling, Accounting

Varga István Secondary School for Trade
Teacher (1988 - 2003)
Subjects: Chemistry, Technical Analysis of Products and Processes (1988-2000);
General Accounting, Basics in Finances (2000-2003)
Parallel duties: Deputy School Director (1992-1996);
Advisor to the National Vocational Training Institution (2000-2003)
Certificate of merits   
Minister of Education's Vocational Award (1990)
Varga István Vocational Award (2002)
Gábor Dénes Vocational Award (2005)

Amendments to the Law on Accountings, Penta Unió (2001)
Accounting Directives of the European Union, Penta Unió (2002)
Introduction to the Securities Markets, KEBA (2003)
Digitalized Accounting Programmes, LOK (2005)
Taxation, Sämling (2005)

Foreign Languages   

general, intermediate, combined ( C )
Examination centre: BME (Budapest Technical University)
Examination System: BME (Budapest Technical University)
general, B1 written and oral
Examination centre: ELTE (Eötvös Lóránd University of Budapest)
Examination System : ORIGO
University graduated

Computer knowledge   
Complex, Word, Excel, Power Point

Field of Researching  

Effective education and learning methods in virtual space
How to increase the students' motivation for learning, to develop their commitments, their positive attitudes, their personalities by compiling and using state-of-the-art interactive teaching materials, acknowledging their results performed, rewarding them, i.e. how to find an enjoying way to the effective and fruitful learning process.
Educating in the virtual environment may only be fruitful, if we create

Driving licence    B